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When it all comes unraveled

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Sometimes something wonderful falls apart. The worst happens. It doesnt seem fair or right or kind.  Not really talking about knitting this time.

A photo taken a few weeks ago.

A photo taken a few weeks ago.

My wonderful husband of 10 years died last Monday. Its hard to know what to say, its so awful. And I feel a strange combination of raw and numb. All I know is the world feels wrong. I loved him tremendously and I want him to be with me.

The kids are sad, I am sad. The Memorial is tomorrow, and I feel like Im in a nightmare that wont end.

Im using Barbara Walkers top-down knitting book to design a sweater. Its the softest and gentlest Alpaca you can imagine. It will hug me and keep me warm.

I dont really know how to repair knitting very well. When theres a hole, when something is torn away. Maybe I will learn how to patch things enough to keep going. Maybe someday I can imagine things whole.

Sure love these kids

Sure love these kids