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A Knit Along is also known as a KAL, and a Crochet Along is a CAL (both pronounced the same way!). There are even things called KAL CALs where a person can knit or crochet. I know, I know, those bicrafters are a wild bunch! I've only dabbled in crochet, myself.

Anyway, I am joining a KAL for the Sister Bay shawl.  It started yesterday, so I'm a bit late. Today, I'm home with a powerful virus, sleeping and burning off a fever, so... I am starting anyway and hoping for the best!   These are the yarn colors that I've chosen:

KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Sport in Thirst Heather and Sagebrush

KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Sport in Thirst Heather and Sagebrush

The shawl pattern is so pretty, and I'm excited to start. Also am working on the selfish knitting project, the Alecia Beth, that I blogged a bit about last time. I'm already on the sleeves, but I made some modifications that I'm unsure about (mainly a shorter twisted rib edging). I might rip out the bottom and redo it, but I'll wait until the sleeves are done and I try it on to decide.

Then I have a few gifts to knit. And, oh yes, I should probably make something to sell! Hat and mitten sets seemed to win out in my informal Facebook poll (versus hat and scarf sets). I am behind in my knitting!  Oh, glad to have such problems :-D

Shamelessly stolen off the interwebs...

Shamelessly stolen off the interwebs...

For the kal, you knit the same project as other people, at around the same pace (although everyone varies, and kal organizers are varied in how strict they are about kal start and finish times). There's a forum page to discuss yarn choices, get advice on challenging techniques, and show off pictures.  The forum is almost always on Ravelry, which is the best Knitting and Crochet website ever. Seriously.  And then there are usually prizes randomly chosen for those who participate.  A great way to meet lots of talented knitters, too.  I'll show a picture here, too, later on as I progress with the Sister Bay Shawl.