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A view toward the front yard from our new business home base!

A view toward the front yard from our new business home base!

Exciting developments afoot! So, I’ve had this knitting business for a few years now, and have documented my meager earnings, and significant investments. A labor of love that is challenging to make work as a business, that is for sure.

I started to think that I needed to think outside the box here. So, I taught some classes, which was amazingly fun. I loved developing handouts, figuring out curriculum, and connecting people with knitting and its benefits. But, also, with full time work, and managing our family activities, I realized that I wouldn’t have a ton of time to really move toward teaching. But I have this business, and it is all set up for tax reporting, sales licenses, etc.

At the same time, I have been rapidly running out of space. Yarn, fiber, dye supplies, spinning wheels, all take up a lot of room! So, what to do, what to do.

Well, a leap of faith and a big ol mortgage ahead, and we are in the process of buying my Dad and Step-Mom’s home! It is gorgeous, has a lot of sentimental value, and a huge garage with attached shop space! We will run it as a VRBO, and I can set up a studio space, with yarn! and fiber! and tables! and …. oh, I am so excited! It just so happens that the winter season here is slow tourist season with fewer rental demands, and is also prime knitting season! Maybe I could even have retreats, knitters staying in the home and attending classes in the studio!

Well, of course, it is one step at a time first. More licensing, getting set up with the Door County Tourism Zone, inspections, and scheduling, learning how VRBO works. The house is very near The Clearing Folk School, and would be a great place for students to stay, extending their summer Door County adventures. There are more opportunities ahead.

On a family note, this is a wonderful way to try and keep this amazing home with gorgeous woodwork in the family, to preserve this family history for the kids. My Dad built this home, I helped shovel the gravel for the crawlspace, and we once tent camped within the staked out site of the future foundation. These connections are pretty special, and I think we might just be able to swing this new adventure, and even make this business something that helps support our family!

So, on this website, there may be more about the house, and maybe a calendar or links. Right now, I just wanted to get this out there. I am excited, overwhelmed, and tired. But mainly hopeful, and willing to work to make this work. A new adventure ahead!