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Lacework is challenging, and beautiful

Lacework is challenging, and beautiful

I have been continuing to knit, and have been trying some new things. There is so much to try and to explore in the world of knitting. Getting bored will not be a problem!

The biggest event of the year for me, knitting wise anyway, was the Friends of Gibraltar Holiday Art Fair. I got to visit with people, friends and new acquaintances, talk knitting, show some of my creations, sell some things, and do some shopping myself as well! It was a great time, and I was happy with my sales. It certainly gave me ideas about what is hot (boot toppers!) and what is not (Halloween hats... just after Thanksgiving!).  I also got several requests for commissions, which are always fun. Just a bit too much to do before Christmas, but that is always the way! In fact, I am feeling a little guilty typing when I should be knitting....

Speaking of learning, I took a bunch of pictures of my knitting in a light box today. Wow, did that make a difference! It's a great way to take pictures of things to sell, with diffuse light and no distractions.

Some yarn, photographed in the light box.  mmmmmmm

Some yarn, photographed in the light box.  mmmmmmm

And, speaking of learning, I am thinking I would like to more formally teach knitting. I love it so, and am developing an idea about a good way to introduce people to it, casting on, knitting, tinking, purling, casting off... I think it will work. 

So, overall, the kids are busy, I am busy and working more, and knitting is engrossing, challenging, and a great stress relief for dealing with the rest.  Just checking in. And finding there is a lot to look forward to.

Here's to good things ahead!