The Goddess Door

Divine Hand Knits From Door County, Wisconsin

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get into knitting?

I got a book out of the library. It was called Stitch N Bitch. It has a very conversational tone, and made me believe that I could tackle this new thing! This was only a couple years ago, but since then, I have been knitting nearly every day. I love taking classes at Craftsy to learn new techniques and have even started to play with designing. I can see that I'll not get bored with knitting; there are always new challenges and new things to try!


Can you make a _____ with ____ in ____?

Maybe. Click on the Contact link at the top of the page, and give me some details!


What needles do you use?

I have a set of interchangeable circular needles from Knitter's Pride, in the Nova style, which is made of hollow brass coated with nickel. They are fast, versitile, and work great for me. I love the Nova Cubics even more, but only have a few sizes of those.


What's your favorite color?

Blue. Green. Purple.


What do you want to work on next?

That varies day to day, but I really do love making hats, so I will explore unusual stich patterns and new techniques for hats, maybe with matching cowls. Thinking of summer things, too, gifts, maybe... always new ideas to try out!


How do you find the time?!

I take it with me, almost always. In waiting rooms, watching kids' sports, at lunch, I will be knitting. A little bit, often, adds up to a lot. I am getting better at knitting while reading and watching tv, too.